Generate leads and make new contacts through online networking

Exchange information, make new contacts and leverage opportunities.  Gain access to industry information and be in the loop.  Great insights happen in group sessions, places where people meet and connect.

This online networking event is for franchisors, entrepreneurs, business owners, aspiring franchisees and people looking to supply the franchise sector.  From start-ups to growing businesses and people who are looking for business opportunities.  Open to both members and non-members.

Introduce yourself – Exchange information with attendees.

As an attendee you will be given 45 seconds to 1 minute to introduce yourself and your business.

I’ve been attending a few online networking events hosted by FASA, organised by Romany Thresher. It is amazing how many franchisors are now attending as well as franchisees. I’ve had two clients contact me having seen me at the event to assist them with redoing their work. I’ve also learnt a lot on these sessions about social media marketing, the Popia Act, Disclosure documents.
A definite must for FASA to continue. Robin van Rensburg ~ Franchise in a Box

Asanda Maqabuka
ChickenBar Franchisor

Starting out as a franchisee Asanda Maqabuka, now franchisor shares her nightmare experience and how you can avoid the expensive mistakes she made when buying into a franchise business?

If you are an aspiring franchisee wanting to buy a franchise business but don't know where to start or what to do, come and here Asanda's story of how she bought into a franchise business which turned out to be a disaster and how she overcame this obstacle and what you can learn from Asanda so you do not make the same mistakes she did.

Following on from the last networking event discussing sales and focusing on the need of the customer, I thought it would be good to take it a step further and share tips on the lead generation processj which in many ways is the lifeline to any business, yet often neglected by most businesses because of lack of understanding and so it becomes an unimportant activity or investment and yet without leads to convert into customers you have no business. What can you do today to improve your online lead generation process to find customers and recruit franchisees? Come and find out in this session.

Romany Thresher


Register and attend the FASA virtual networking event on the day and join in the Quiz Challenge and be in with a chance to win.

- You will need to have a computer/laptop or tablet.
- Internet access as we will be meeting online.
- and attend attend the virtual networking event on 9th Dece to particpate in the quiz.

1st Prize
1x 12 months Shopcall free video ecommerce app licence

2nd Prize
1x 12 months free Shopcall video ecommerce app licence

3rd Prize
1x 12 months free Shopcall video ecommerce app licence

Use this session to ask questions and exchange information and share your key takeaway.

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